Packages & Prices

We have put together the right package for every demand. Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, work in a team or are part of a large corporate group – there is something for everyone to choose from in our offer.

  • Single

    €119.00 / month
  • Select
    • 1 user ?
    • 3 tracks ?
    • Email Status Update ?
  • Politbarometer

    €585.00 / month
  • Select
    • 1 user ?
    • 642 tracks ?
    • Email Status Update ?
  • Team

    €2,490.00 / month
  • Select
    • 15 users ?
    • 100 tracks ?
    • Email Status Update ?
    • Monthly Report ?
    • Premium Support ?
  • Enterprise

    €4,890.00 / month
  • Select
    • 500 users ?
    • 500 tracks ?
    • Email Status Update ?
    • Monthly Report with Sentiment Analysis ?
    • Premium Support ?

Basic Support

You have got a technical problem with Opinion Tracker? Send us an email and we will find the solution. Included in every package.

Add-Ons for Single Package

  • Premium Support€150.00 / month

    Premium Support

    You can also contact us by phone. Our telephone support is available weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central European Time. We answer any questions you may have about setting up tracks, give you tips to contents and help you to get the very best out of Opinion Tracker.

    Support with Tracks

    Initial creation of the search requests is included in this package. You tell us your fields of interest and the key terms that are relevant for you and we set up a track for you professionally. You can contact us at any time by email if you need help configuring the tracks or with any other questions you may have for as long as the contract is valid.

Add-Ons for Team and Enterprise Package

  • These packages include the Premium Support and one Monthly Report in each case.

    Monthly Report

    Is time too tight for you to follow closely what is happening with your topics? If that is the case we can help you. We send you a monthly report for a topic of your choice that gives you the overall development of the topic including all the most important articles and a breakdown of the hits according to the type of media.

    In the Enterprise Package we also care about manual revising the automatic "Sentiment Analysis" values in the report.

Test access for one week (1 user, 3 tracks, Email Status Update)

Is there anything particular you would like?
Would you like us to monitor more than just one track and report back to you monthly? Do you need a more in-depth Web media analysis? Or are you interested in a major client solution? We look forward to receiving your enquiry!

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