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What is Opinion Tracker?

Opinion Tracker is a social media monitoring tool. It monitors and analyses social networks, blogs and web news, such as Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as reports on your online presence.

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What do I need Opinion Tracker for?

Opinion Tracker is the right choice for you if you easily would like to find out what is written on the internet about topics regarding your business, as well as why, and by whom. You will find all information clearly arranged in one place. It is also possible to receive your requested information via daily email stati sent out to make sure you will not miss anything. While using Opinion Tracker you keep on track with the increasing impact of social media also touching on your business.

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What is so special about Opinion Tracker?

Opinion Tracker is simple and easy to use. On top of that we also offer enormous filter possibilities. Fields of interest and specific topics can be narrowed down easily. In addition we also provide outstanding source coverage. It only takes 15 minutes for newly published articles to appear in Opinion Tracker. Old articles can be found in an archive dating back several months. On top of that we offer a co-working function which easily lets you share tracks with other people in a professional way.

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Who is behind Opinion Tracker?

Opinion Tracker was founded by datenwerk and Semanticlabs. The innovation agency datenwerk developed Opinion Tracker which is based on Radar. Radar is an online media analytics platform provided by the company Semanticlabs.  Semanticlabs develops algorithmic technologies for processing large quantities of data. The company offers individual solutions turning existing data into outstanding results, ranging from semantic text analysis to machine learning.

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What is a track?

A track is a saved search request which immediately delivers existing articles. The list instantly updates when new articles get published. You only have to configure a track once with your topics and fields of interest by providing detailed information on your subject. From then onwards you can access all newly added online feeds - either in the tool or your personal mailbox – as you prefer.

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What do I need Opinion Tracker for if I can use Google instead?

Opinion Tracker cannot be compared directly to Google. The closet you can get is to compare a daily status update of a track to a Google Alert. However there are some major differences:

When using Google Alert you can only enter a single word or phrase and choose whether the search should include all types of media or specific ones. (Such as news or blogs.) With Opinion Tracker you can narrow down your  search request even more: which words may appear, which words must and must not appear, or which combination of terms may only appear as a group. You can also determine in which languages, from which type of media (combinations are also possible) and from which countries the results should be drawn. With Google Alert you only get a fragment of your field of interest by receiving one mail with articles from the time after the service was set up and no past articles. With Opinion Tracker the data is displayed along a timeline. Our service also delivers results from the past.

Only with Opinion Tracker you have access to online news, blogs, social networks, forums and Twitter messages in one place. This forms the basis for a meaningful, professional analysis around the development of a topic. Evaluating a topic is only possible when the results are comparable. By monitoring the results delivered over a longer period of time you will be able to find out how your business is positioned within an competitive environment and what your target group is writing about you.


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Which sources are covered?

Opinion tracker covers national and international online newspapers (over 80,000 sources, nearly three million published articles per day) and social media networks (over 2.5 million sources, more than 1.5 million articles published per day). Sources also include forums, Facebook (public pages), blogs and content sharing websites for example.

Opinion Tracker gathers data in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

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How far back can I go?

We save data dating back approximately 12 months.

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Do I have to wait until the results of my search entry are found?

No, the results are available immediately.

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Sources that are important for me are not covered. What shall I do?

Contact us! We will do our best to include your preferred sources.

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Are there updates on what is happening?

There is a daily mail status update you can activate for one or more tracks. Once you have activated the mail status updates, the latest articles for you tracks will be sent via mail beginning the day after your subscription.

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Is it possible to use Opinion Tracker for e-clipping and analysing my online PR?

Yes! Opinion Tracker analyse social media in order to provide insights about how your target group is acting and thinking. Furthermore Opinion Tracker also covers online articles from common online news platforms. The most influentual, as well as a few less known German and English news portals, are already included. Do not worry if any specific websites of interest do not occur - just let us know and we will be pleased to add them to our sources.

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What's the difference between Opinion Tracker and other e-clipping tools?

Opinion Tracker offers a more comprehensive picture by not only covering online articles from common web news but also from Social Media. Additionally, you can view the direct source of every article to evaluate the quality of your PR. Opinion Tracker focuses on analysing and does not measure the reach (net reach, GRP) or the advertising value (CPP, CPC). Of course, your advertising or media agency can use the results of Opinion Tracker in order to measure your online PR's advertising value and GRP.