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Do you also have the feeling that you are being inundated with news in the Web but are still missing the most important information? Don’t worry any longer, the social media monitoring tool Opinion Tracker can help you here. The Opinion Tracker remains hot on the heels of your topics and fields of interest – in online media and social media, on Facebook and Twitter
With just one click you can follow how your topics are developing, who is in the news and what opinions are doing the rounds from a selection of approximately three million articles daily.
Join us on a guided tour and see what features the Opinion Tracker has to offer.

Why Opinion Tracker?

Do I have the time to read all the social media channels? I only really want to read what interests me. But then I want to read all of it. And that is exactly what you can do with Opinion Tracker.

Wolfgang Zeglovits
CEO datenwerk

Due to various export methods, Opinion Tracker allows to process your data further. Full-text results (including hits on people, topics and sentiments) can be analysed statistically using SPSS or R software.

Petra Permesser
Social Media Researcher at datenwerk

We are using Opinion Tracker to monitor online discussions on health happening within Austria. The tool allows to gain a comprehensive overview on online activity, as well as monitoring relevant posts in real-time. 

Ralph Luger
Communication Expert

Opinion Tracker allowed me to control and analyse various accounts simultaneously as part of my Master's Thesis. My exported results were well presented, therefore navigating through specific topics, people and places was made easy. 

Mag. Dr. Michaela Amort, MES
Creative Director datenwerk

Opinion Tracker's data quality is excellent! Access to more than 4.5 million articles per day enables us to gain a vast understanding of selected topics. Further processing our output is also made easy. 

Jörg Fuchslueger
Head of Content Analytics
BIConcepts IT Consulting GmbH

Packages & Prices

Opinion Tracker comes in three practical fixed-price packages:
SingleTeam and Enterprise

The choice is yours, you decide how many tracks you need and whether you want us to help with social media analytics. And best of all: you can test our social media monitoring tool now for a whole week free of charge!

Social Media Track on the dashboard
Social media track on the dashboard
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Detailed view of an article
Detailed view of an article
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Social Media timeline
Social media timeline
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Track list (my tracks)
Track list (my tracks)
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Opinion Tracker is great. Really!

And why?
To put it in a nutshell, because our social media online monitoring tool aggregates about 4.5 million articles from over 80,000 web news sources and from more than 2.5 million social media sources such as blogs and forums, Twitter and Facebook. This information can be managed quite simply by using tracks that you create yourself. This easy-to-use tool plus a daily status update email make keeping an overview child’s play.

The interactive visualisation allows the development of your topics to be displayed along a timeline. The intelligent search function also recognises related topic areas within the articles. The most important topics, persons and organisations that appear in the respective track are evaluated, whereby every article can be traced back to its origin. It goes without saying that worldwide access protected by a user name and password is provided.